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Values & Mission


”No one could tell me where my soul might be; I searched for God, but He eluded me; I sought my brother out and found all three.” - Ernest Howard Crosby G 1872

Delta Phi seeks to establish and promote strong and successful chapters built upon our core principles of:

Brotherhood: Our goal for each chapter is to create an organization built upon a standard of excellence for brotherhood. We recognize the value of a diverse membership, the importance of mutual respect, and the virtue of life-long bonds of brotherhood. We are highly selective in accepting colonization requests. We believe very strongly in accepting only those men who seek to build lasting friendships based in principle, maintained with integrity, and celebrated over generations.

Literature: Since its founding over 180 years ago, members of Delta Phi have placed a strong emphasis on intellectual vigor and personal leadership. As a brotherhood we seek men of talent who will benefit from joining our organization. Our brotherhood is dedicated to encouraging and enabling the diverse talents of each member while undergraduates and throughout their lives and careers.

Morality: Character is fundamental in establishing and sustaining the bonds of brotherhood. As brothers, we share in each other's successes, and support each other in struggles. Character and morality are fundamental to leadership in our personal lives, in our brotherhood, and in our community. We strive to create chapters and members marked by their integrity, ability, and trustworthiness.

As a brotherhood our intent is to strengthen, support, and celebrate the members of Delta Phi. In keeping with 180 year tradition, our philosophy, and our no-hazing policy, we strive to maintain a positive environment for all our members. We do not support the intentional harm of any member, and strive to create an atmosphere that does not encourage or condone substance abuse of any kind.

For almost two centuries the members of Delta Phi included leaders of exceptional character and achievement. We consider it a privilege to share in our brotherhood, and are proud to be ‘Semper Ubique'.

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